Sunday, April 9, 2017

8:03 PM

Nice To See you Automator...

In this tutorial i am going to measure DC current using Acs712 Hall Effect-Based Linear Current Sensor. I am going to measure current precisely. I have gone through various blogs on internet and all of them are measuring current with formulas that are not precise. I will be defining the best method and precise formula generation for measuring the current. I will define each and every step thoroughly and deeply with logic. Project Code is open source and you can download and modify it according to your needs.

The output of the device when the primary current is zero. For a uni-polar supply voltage,it nominally remains at VCC ⁄ 2. Thus, VCC = 5 V translates into VIOUT(Q) = 2.5 V. Variation in VIOUT(Q) can be attributed to the resolution of the Acs712. If the Acs712 is working on 5v(Vcc=5v) and their is no current flowing from input the Viout will be 2.5v. 2.5v is the base voltage now any change in the input current will bring change in the output voltage. 

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